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Discover top-notch legal expertise with Triangle Business Law Firm. Our skilled attorneys provide tailored solutions for your business challenges. From contracts to litigation, trust us for comprehensive legal support. Contact us today for strategic legal counsel and safeguard your business success.

Triangle Business Law focuses on mergers and acquisitions on both the buy and sell side for startups and small to medium sized businesses.

High quality, pragmatic transactional legal advice for a flat fee.

Extensive experience representing buyers and sellers of small to medium sized businesses

What Makes Us Unique


High Quality, Pragmatic Advice

Triangle Business Law provides clients with big law firm-quality legal advice without the big law firm sticker price. Clients should set their own risk tolerance, not have their lawyers decide that every issue needs to be endlessly fought over without regard to the relative significance of each issue.

Responsive Service

Clients deserve to be heard and responded to immediately. Triangle Business Law is committed to providing a same business-day response to all client inquiries; if a question can't be answered within this time period due to the nature of the question or other client commitments, we provide a time frame for a response that the client can rely on.

Flat Fees

Triangle Business Law exclusively uses a flat fee or milestone-based billing system. Clients and TBL will have a transparent conversation about the planned project and scope of work, and agree upon a fee. If the project changes, the client has the opportunity to approve any changes to the fee structure before additional work is completed.

Blue Background

I've worked at one of the largest law firms in the world and as general counsel for an investment company completing over a billion dollars worth of acquisitions and almost $400mm of m&a on the sell side. I've also seen countless deals fail, and so I know what it takes for them to succeed. I've worked with portfolio companies after they've been purchased, so I know how issues that arise in negotiating and closing an acquisition can play out post-purchase.

When clients hire me, they're getting professional, experienced, high-level m&a legal advice and a collaborative, win-win approach, and they're getting fee certainty along with it.

I engage in an honest, clear negotiation designed to result in a win-win, timely transaction, where my client is protected from material risks without the headache of endless fights over minutia.


Contact Us

Contact Information

Triangle Business Law

3511 Shannon Rd, 3rd Floor

Durham, NC 27707

(meetings by appointment only)

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